Velocity Visions Premium Degreaser

Velocity Visions Premium Degreaser

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Velocity Visions Premium Degreaser is an environmentally friendly, water soluble, low foaming degreaser specifically formulated to combat the harsh conditions of an industrial environment. It can be used on metals, painted surfaces, floors, workstations, boat hulls, oil platforms, heavy grease, BOP’s, industrial machinery and much more. The quick cleaning action saves time in labor and reduces maintenance cost. This product can be cut with water to suit your needs, cutting the product turns it into a multi purpose.

Additional Info

Please contact us via phone or email to order 5, 55 and 250 Gallon sizes and for freight shipping

Appearance: Light green/Liquid 

pH Level: 12.6

Flash Point: 225°F

Specific Gravity @ 77°F: 1.03