Velocity Visions has taken the time, energy and proper knowledge to develop a long lasting, easy to apply ceramic coating to protect vehicle finishes. Developing an original formula and producing it within the USA was an important factor for us. Our goal is to provide the chemicals and knowledge needed to guarantee the best level of protection for your assets, as well as the support to help you achieve a durable, flawless finish, and keep it that way. 

V3 Stealth Ceramic Coating Attributes



Just like every automotive finish is different so are ceramic coatings. There are so many and they all seem to suit just about every application from cars and boats to industrial applications. While ceramic coatings do indeed have a wide variety of applications, our main goal is to make sure that our coatings are engineered for the intended application. Our V3 Stealth Ceramic Coating is formulated specifically for automotive clear coat finishes.




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