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Velocity Visions Aluminum Cleaner

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Velocity Visions Aluminum Cleaner cleans and brightens aluminum in one easy step. It is formulated with specific surfactants and active agents that penetrate tough grime, oxidation and dirt while leaving behind a clean slip-free surface. It can be used on aluminum boat hulls, true chrome, building scaffolding, ladders, trailers, diamond plate, and much more. No prep work required. Simply apply, wipe and rise off. 

Application of Velocity Visions Premium Metal Polish and V2 Defender Sealant is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED after use of this product. The Aluminum Cleaner is a cleaner and will deannodize the substrate. Polishing and sealing is crucial for long lasting results. 

Additional Info

Please contact us via phone or email to order 5, 55 and 250 Gallon sizes and for freight shipping

Appearance: Clear/Liquid

Flash Point: 215°F

Specific Gravity @ 77°F: 0.865


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