Velocity Visions V2 Defender Sealant

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Velocity Visions V2 Defender Sealant is perfect for sealing off your exterior surfaces and giving them protection from hard water, UV, bugs, dirt/grime, road salts, and other elements the vehicle may come against while on the road. This coating creates a chemical bond with the finished substrate to create an extremely slick and hydrophobic surface that last for up to a year. This product is very easy to apply and can be done as often as desired. Use in conjunction with Velocity Visions V1 Protective Detail and Seal for long-lasting effects!

This sealant is extremely easy to apply and has a very short cure time. It can be done in the comfort of your own home or at a professional detailing location. One bottle can easily do 9-12 cars and works well on all surfaces and finishes!

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