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Velocity Visions V3 Stealth Ceramic Coating

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Velocity Visions V3 Stealth Ceramic Coating is the ultimate way to protect your vehicle finish from harsh exterior elements. This product has been chemically formulated to form a permanent bond to automotive clear coat finishes. It also works great on wheels, chrome, vinyl and clear plastic (head/taillights/turning signals, foglights). V3 Stealth is made in the USA. It is an original formula with a specific intention, to provide a long lasting protective barrier for your vehicle finish so that it keeps your assets looking better than new for years to come. 

This do it yourself kit is available in a variety of sizes. The 30ml kit will do 3-4 coating layers on a mid size sedan, and 2-3 on a truck or SUV. For further coverage, the kit is available in 45ml and 60ml sizes to fit your needs. It also comes with extra felts, application pads, and surface prep so that everything needed to complete a vehicle is in one convenient package. 

SDS Data sheets available upon request. QUV-A test results available upon request. 

V3 Stealth Benefits:

• Super-Hydrophobic 

• Self-cleaning/Easy maintenance 

• 6-7 Hardness rating on the Moh's Scale

• Extremely UV resistant

• Corrosion/oxidation resistant

• pH resistance 2-12

• Easy to apply and maintain 

• 3+ years lifetime expectancy 

Package Includes:

• 30 (45,60) ml of V3 Stealth Ceramic coating

• 1 (or more) Applicator with 4 application felts

• 1 (or more)  4oz Surface Prep(s)

• 1 Detailed instructional guide

There are a few tips and tricks to make the application a little easier and most of those are included in the instructional guide. To extend the life of the coating while not is use, it is safe to refrigerate it to keep the humidity out of the bottle so that the coating doesn't cure on its own while it's just sitting in the bottle. Also, this coating is NOT intended for exterior black plastic trims or any interior pieces. Please refer to the instructional guide for in-depth instructions on application and storage of the kit. 


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